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New Housing Allocations System – Frequently Asked Questions

Important notice – our social housing allocation system will change on 17th June 2014

why the need for change?

  • following a review and consultation process last year, a new Allocations Policy has been agreed to allocate social housing in the Bradford District. The main change is that the existing Choice Based Lettings (CBL) system will no longer be used and in future, applicants will be allocated housing through the Value Based Lettings (VBL) system

when is it changing?

  • the new system will be live on 17th June 2014

what is the difference between the systems?

  • the new system doesn’t require any bidding from the applicant. Once we have taken your preferences/details, we will only contact you when a match is found based on these preferences

I have an existing application on Homes (CBL), will I need to re-register on the new system?

  • yes. You will need to be registered on the new system in order to be considered for a home
  • we will transfer all existing applicants in Band A and B onto the new system. We will also contact applicants from Band C and D who have made a bid in the last 3 months, and ask you if you want to re-register. This process is scheduled to take two months between May and June 2014
  • applicants who have made a bid within the last 4 to 12 months will be contacted using text messages or letters as soon as possible after June
  • applicants who haven’t bid in last 12 months are welcome to contact the Housing Options team who will register you on the system
  • if you get in touch before 17 June 2015, you will be allowed to get your application backdated
  • all applicants will need an interview either in person or over the telephone. In the interview we will discuss your preferences and other information needed to match you to a suitable home when one becomes available

will you re-assess my Band?

  • applicants who are contacted will be re-assessed for the new banding criteria as outlined within the updated Allocations Policy which is available online by clicking here

can I request a review of my Band award?

  • the band you are awarded depends on your circumstances; yes, you may request a review, but the Band will only be changed to suit the circumstances you are currently in

will I still be eligible for the same number of bedrooms?

  • your bedroom eligibility will be dependent on your circumstances and what you can afford. When your details are being taken, you will be able to specify how many bedrooms you would like

what if I am a new customer and want to make an application?

  • new customers should contact the Housing Options Team on 01274 435999 or Incommunities on 01274 257656 in order to apply

how will properties be allocated?

  • properties will be allocated based on the priority bandings and waiting time within the bands. The bands will follow the priority sequence as set out in the Housing Allocations Policy. Where more than one applicant is matched for a property, it will be matched to applicants by band in the following order:
  • Statutory need band
  • Urgent need band
  • Reasonable preference band
  • General need band
  • where there is more than one applicant within the same band matched to a single property, the applicant with the longest waiting time will be offered the property
  • where the system is unable match a property to a suitable applicant, then the property will be referred to the Property Shop and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis

how long will it take to get a home?

      • the new system will tell you what your chances are of getting an offer of a home. This gives you a realistic picture of how long it will take to get re-housed, based on your preferences and priority. As an applicant you can change your preferences in order to increase the number of properties that you may be matched to

what will happen if I no longer have a housing need under this policy?

      • if you are deemed to have no housing need under the new policy you can still remain on the VBL system but you will be in the General Needs band. You will still be matched to properties in line with the Allocations policy

what happens after you have taken my details?

      • once an application has been transferred to the new system, applicants will then wait for a suitable property match. If you don’t hear back from us then this means a property has not been matched to your needs yet
      • an application will only remain open for the period of time set by the applicant. If we are unable to make an offer of accommodation within this timeframe, the application will be close unless you say otherwise
      • you can call again to alter your preferences and we will advise you how often properties of this type become available

what is ‘Property Shop’?

      • properties which are not matched to customers on the waiting list will be advertised on the Property Shop website ( To express an interest in one of these properties you will need to call the numbers stated above so we can either; register an application for you, or if you already have an application, we can discuss the possibility of amending your preferences accordingly to suit that property. Properties on property shop will be let on a first come first served basis

More questions?

      • If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the Housing Options Team on 01274 435999. Their lines are open from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am to 4.00pm on Friday or e-mail:

Please be aware that the Housing Options Team are likely to experience a higher than normal volume of queries over the next couple of months and so may take longer than normal to respond.

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